Business Advisory Group of Florida

Business Advisory Group of Florida is an association of experienced, independent professionals offering advice and solutions for a client’s legal, accounting, banking, IT, and retirement planning needs.

Our vast experience in a variety of professional services enables us to provide our clients with a supportive team.

Whether you require an individual member’s knowledge or will benefit from the entire team, be assured that we are available to assist your business to operate smoothly and efficiently.  Many of the team members share common clients and are able to collaborate to achieve the optimal benefit.

We believe that the team approach by experienced professionals provides the client with easy access to the support required.  As an all-encompassing team, we can assist the business owner with introductions to several advisors.  You may consult individually with one of more “partners” to discuss the needs and particular requirements of your individual operation.

There is no cost nor fee to establish a relationship with the team, and each professional that you engage will discuss the cost and scope of their respective service privately with you.  The “team” and/or individual professional members are available to consult with you at no initial consultation charge.

Additional supporting professionals include printers, human resources, web design, marketing, insurance, business broker, business coach, bookkeepers and credit card processors.

To schedule a no-obligation conference, contact us.

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